Therapeutic art-making

I currently run occasional workshops in which we explore therapeutic techniques such as oily oils, spontaneous batik, spontaneous painting and drawing, tissue paper collage, veil painting, wet-on-wet watercolours, painting on water etc.

Workshops are held on Saturdays from 10am-4pm
Please contact me for forthcoming dates.

Environmental art therapy

Having trained and qualified in Environmental Arts Therapy in 2016, I now offer one day workshops in which we explore the feeling experience of the human heart through the cycles of nature, the wheel of the year, myths, stories and fairy tales, interwoven with meaningful ritual and environmental art-making. We are currently honouring each of the trees in the Celtic tree calendar, known as the Sacred Grove. Celtic tradition teaches us that each tree species embodies its own knowledge and that, if we simply listen, we can tune in to this wisdom. Every month of the year has a lesson to teach us and Environmental Art Therapy provides a practical and powerful way to take our issues out into the woods to be addressed and transformed. Out in nature we have everything we need: time, space, intent, materials, silence and privacy. If you love nature, ritual and the language of metaphor and its power to manifest change, and if you are willing to open your heart to feeling, the Sacred Grove workshops are just for you.

Please contact me for details of forthcoming workshop dates.

Art Therapy

I occasionally run free Art from Within workshops for charities, other organisations and groups to promote the principles and understanding of art therapy.

Please contact me for details.

Celebrating the Wise Woman

This is an annual residential weekend retreat for older women (50+), held at Stanton Guildhouse, nr. Broadway, Worcs. We provide comfortable shared accommodation for two nights, with vegetarian meals and refreshments. Several different facilitators offer a variety of creative workshops, meditations and a crowning ceremony.

The retreat is held over a weekend in October, from 4pm on Friday, to 4pm on Sunday.
Please contact me for further details.